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British desserts and treats, Stuart bakes and sells everything while Bobbie runs the office, packages and sells along with Nancy.

As a quilter for more than 30 years, I rely on my skills to create sewn and quilted items for the home, blending traditional and contemporary techniques together. At present, I produce more than thirty items which range from baby

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INDIAN SUMMER LEATHER DESIGN Design, pattern and production of soft leather bags, totes, media bags, wallets and purses etc.  All my bags are my original ideas and designs made on Gabriola Island.

A unique handcrafted line of kitchen-staple organic food products that are saturated with powerful organic Ayurvedic spices.  Stop by booth #55 and see the complete line including sampler packs and gift baskets.

Fun, fun, fun, describes the assortment of baby, children, and adult clothing made from Josephine and Samantha’s original designs.  Add home items such as bodum covers, cookie cutters, stockings, tea towels, placemats and more, and you’re sure to find something

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Coast Salish artist Darrell Thorne is joining our show this year in booth #74.

Musical and meditative metal windchimes, beautiful wood & metal sculptures are the creation of Jake Lozecki.  He takes the wonder of our local nature and transforms it into art pieces you can enjoy and display in your home.

Lori Schiersmann, the creator and designer of Tin Cup Art Glassware.  Working with a Metallic Ceramic Paste, each piece of glass, ceramics or clay, is hand designed, then baked to evaporate any excess moisture, therefore fusing the paste onto the

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GeorgeAnn Art & Craft An amazing selection of Animal & People products! Discovery pillows for your little ones (English or French), bandanas, tug toys for dogs, glove toys for cats plus beds for your favourite pooch or feline companion!.

Leola Witt-McNie has been weaving for many years and has acquired a vast amount of experience in the many textile arts. She has studied with the best teachers in Cherryville, Banff, Sweden, California and New Zealand. She has been teaching

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